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Almost all manufacturing operations are dependent on accurately measuring the components and processes involved to ensure that the resulting product meets the required quality or performance. But how does one ensure that these measurements are accurate and stay that way throughout the process, day after day, and year after year? This is where the need for trustworthy calibration services not only becomes evident, but critical.


The importance of accurate equipment calibration services


There are a multitude of reasons why accuracy is essential across all industries. Here are a few of the main factors to consider:


      Ensuring consistent quality: Calibrated processes ensure that the same quality is consistently delivered throughout the manufacturing process.


      Regulatory compliance: Most industries are governed by specific regulations. Accurate calibration of equipment ensures that these standards are always met.


      Reducing waste: If machines are not calibrated correctly, they can create inefficiencies in production that leads to materials being wasted. Conversely, correctly calibrated machinery will eliminate this unnecessary waste.


      Saving time and money: Accurate manufacturing processes reduce the number of rejected parts or products as well as time spent on corrections, making it more likely to meet production deadlines. It also ensures that the manufacturing process is more cost efficient.


      Maintaining client satisfaction: Delivering quality products consistently helps your business build a great reputation as a preferred supplier and ensures that you retain and attract clients or customers.


      Safety of staff and end users: Inaccurate machinery or products of questionable quality can potentially be harmful to those operating or using it.


electrical equipment calibration
The correct calibration of electrical equipment is paramount

Who to turn to for reliable equipment calibration services


The key word here is reliable. When you need a calibration partner that you can rely on for best results, choose InterCal. We’ve been delivering world-class service in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1992, giving us over three decades of experience in the field. What’s more, we are SANAS ISO17025 accredited in eight measurement fields, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


For more information on Intercal’s equipment calibration services and how it can benefit your business, contact us today.




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