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Why the Regular Calibration of Safety Analysers Is More Important Now Than Ever

Many of the functions and processes of the healthcare industry rely on utmost precision, as the well-being – and many cases the lives of people depend on the accuracy and safety of these procedures. This means that medical devices should regularly be tested to ensure that they are suitable for use on patients. But how do we ensure that this testing is correct? This is where the calibration of safety analysers comes into play.

Medical professionals use safety analysers to test medical equipment. These devices allow the medical equipment to be measured for the presence of any possible dangerous faults. However, the calibration of the safety analysers themselves is needed to ensure that the actual analyser is accurate.

While this is a requirement on a regular basis, load shedding makes this even more necessary than ever. As with all electrical equipment, power surges caused by load shedding can lead to device malfunctions or inaccuracies. The calibration of safety analysers checks the efficacy and accuracy of these devices against a higher standard of accuracy and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

Failure to ensure the accuracy of safety analysers can have dire consequences. When an inaccurate analyser is used, it can lead to medical devices being deemed safe for use on patients when they are not. This, in turn, can then pose a risk of shock or even death to patients or medical staff using the faulty medical device.

Intercal specialises in SANAS-accredited calibration services to a wide range of industries, including the healthcare industry. What’s more, calibration of safety analysers can be done onsite at the client’s premises or at the Intercal premises. Intercal also offers equipment qualification and warehouse and storage qualification to the medical and pharmaceutical communities, from IQ/OQ/PQ protocols through measurements and checklists to the final summary report. For more information on Intercal’s services, contact us today.



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